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What We Teach

Reef Runner Boating knows proper training is vital for a safe boating experience.  What sets us apart from other training schools is we don't just offer a written exam, we actually take students out on the water to improve and test their skills. 


Some of the skills you will learn:


  • Maneuvering in tight quarters

  • Docking

  • Launching a boat

  • Understanding navigational aids

  • Charting

  • Understanding the "Rules of the Road"

102 Powerboat Trailering: 
$250 single, $475 for two

Prerequisite:  101 Powerboating. 


A one (1) day class designed to teach a person with a valid drivers license to safely trailer a boat to a boat launch ramp, then launch and load a powerboat. 


Includes topics such as:  safe trailer checkout, checkout of launch ramp, blocking vehicle, safety lines, use of emergency signals, communication between skipper and crew when launching, boat ramp courtesies, close quarter boat handling, safe docking and more. 


Class is taught on a 16’ Center console with 50 HP outboard.

101 Basic Powerboating: 
$395 single, $750 for two

No prerequisite. 


A two (2) day class designed to introduce the new boater to safe powerboat handling. 


The class is taught on a 16’ Center console with 50 HP outboard.  Includes:  safe boat operations while maneuvering in confined quarters and open water, man overboard recovery, anchoring, safety equipment, docking, knots, rules of the road, VHF radio, basic electronics, charts, aids to navigation, engine troubleshooting, drug and alcohol influences, trip planning and float plans, lights and sound signals, emergency procedures and rendering assistance.  


Graduates are eligible to charter a Reef Runner 16’ center console on St. Andrews Bay, FL.

103 Coastal Powerboating: 
$495 single, $950 for two

Prerequisite:  101 Powerboating. 


This (2) day course focuses on navigation, fuel management, crew management, heavy weather tactics, charting and plotting, rules of the road, electronics, trip planning, weather forecasting, wind and currents, tides, plus emergency scenarios.



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